Work's been steady these last two months, and I didn't have much time to update the blog. Not much is happening except work ;-)

Here are some random recent photos,

IMGP1117.jpg I finally managed to get some time to do sightseeing during the last NY trip, went to the Stature of Liberty and Ellis Island, which was an amazing experience.

IMGP1026.jpg Drove down to old town Philadelphia to see the Liberty Hall and the Liberty Bell. This is the birthplace of democracy!

IMGP1241.jpg This is weird, this sign was on a garage door in San Diego, and I have no clue how it got there. It says "safety specialist", and the city name in Turkey.

IMGP0001.jpg One of the macro flower shots I had to do for an allergen related project. Kinda cool.

Some new photos of Sammie the puggle. IMGP9904.jpg


IMG_0894.JPG the local zoo that is my house



IMG_0911.JPG the cat and the puggle are getting along much better now...

and here's a video of Sammie doing the head tilt.