Photos of the House-in-progress

1the blue trim looks funky I know, but I'm waiting for spring to start painting the outside.


3 backyard needs a lot of work, gotta redo the grass... at least I got a lime tree :-)

5 gonna repaint the inside of the garage and thinking of doing the epoxy floor paint thing. It'll be a nice space to do tabletop shooting.

6 still needs a few more pieces of furniture, book/wall shelves and maybe a few rugs. notice the in-ceiling speakers :-)

10 had to sand and lacquer the desks. Damn you ikea! I may have to do wall shelves to fit all the photo books


7 I think I like the kitchen as it is... 9

11 the tv stand worked out pretty well; still a lot of clutter on it, but it'll look better once Tim finishes the drawers for the bottom opening hiding the mess of cables.