House. House, house.

ok, the contractors are finally done with the place! Had central air/heating installed, floors finished, rewired the whole house, new panel, outlets and lighting in the garage, painting, recessed lighting and finally in-ceiling speakers! Yay!Some of the furniture got delivered today, still gotta go and find a coffee table and dining table. May try to do a booth type thing instead of a regular dining setup.

Been so busy that it didn't occur to me to take photos... will try to post some photos soon.

Oh and I've been trying very hard to figure out a good solution for the tv/entertainment stand situation. Looked everywhere but nothing retail really works well with the space and equipment I have, so I'm trying to have it built by a friend. Here's a really simple sketch of what it may look like. All the gadgets are to scale so I think it may all fit together nicely.



I'm thinking of putting some photo books on the top left shelve, framed by simple bookends maybe.