Elevator adventure!

I got stuck in one of the express elevators at the Gateway building last friday. It had just started going up from the 3rd floor, and somewhere between 4th and 5th floors it shook very violently and stopped. It was so sudden a stop that the panels on the ceiling got bent down a bit, one of the lights came out of its socket and was dangling on its wire, and one of the side panels come off. There was a lot of dust falling from the ceiling, which is not a good sign in the elevator-riding world. Apparently both safety locks on the elevator car and the counter-weight had gotten locked at the same time for some reason which is why it came to such a sudden stop. It was good in the sense that there was no way it was going to plummet down ;-)

I had to wait two hours while they tried to get it to move with no success, so they pulled my out of the escape hatch on the top of the elevator, which was a challenge as there is an apparent design flaw which only lets you slide the panel below the hatch halfway to the side. I was able to squeeze through, but barely. Then we stepped (not quite jumped) to the top of the adjacent elevator car and rode it 10 floors up to the next door which was on the 15th. I must admit that it was very cool ;-)

It was just like the movies, but a lot more dirtier ;-)