4x5 Outtake

Here's a 4x5 slide from a 2006 shoot for USC which I had not scanned previously.There's Adam, who was a student at USC and a fellow intern at Metro at the time, and Danièle Watts, another student who is now a professional actor. It was great to see her in Weeds last season!



Dng Profile For E-PL5

Ever since I got the new Olympus E-PL5, the colors seemed a bit off when using Adobe camera raw; there was something odd about the skin tones, the hues always seemed a bit off compared to what I'm used to with the Canons. I ran a quick calibration with the dng profile editor and made this profile for adobe camera raw, and it seems like it improved skin tones a bit, though sky blues are a bit darker in the standard adobe profile.I'm not entirely certain if the color charts degrade over time, mine is 4-5 years old and it says to replace it every two years...


click to download dng profile for ACR.

Update: The new Adobe RAW has proper Olympus camera profiles, and those are better than my version...


Quick weekend trip to Portland.I'm in a bit of a coloring mood lately...