Quick weekend trip to Portland.I'm in a bit of a coloring mood lately...






Found this 110 year old stereograph card viewer at a thrift store couple months ago, and finally got around to printing a few stereograph cards from the Library of Congress online catalog. PB196112


1s02545u An amazing photo from the civil war with 6 levels of depth, and the 3d effect is amazing!

3c37704u A street scene in Istanbul from 1906!

Long Week...

I've been working with Tim on rebuilding the fence and the gate along one side of the house, and it's a lot more work than I anticipated; I must have spent four days alone staining and sealing the boards. Thankfully it's looking great so far, and I'm hoping we'll be done in another three days. It's been tiring... and my mac pro was in service all week which was a big bummer... kinda feel the way Sammie looks. new fence



Went to A&I lab the other day to drop off bunch of large format film, and was told that they are stopping all E-6 processing this month. A sad sad sign of the times... There's still couple labs that do large format E-6 processing, however both are at least 25 miles away. Might have to start doing it by mail. Sebastian was visiting LA last week, and I gave him the coastal tour from Laguna Beach to Santa Barbara. The weather was amazing, and driving along the pacific with the Z3 was a lot of fun.

Here's a photo of Sebastian in front of the Santa Barbara Mission, shot with 4x5 Astia(E-6) film.